Chimney Service

Did you know we offered a wide range of chimney services? Guess what, we do now! Check out some of our offers.

Chimney Caps:

Rain and Animal Guards are an important addition to your chimney system. Keeping rain and animals out of your chimney can reduce the risk of water deterioration and plugged chimneys caused by nesting animals.

Chimney Cleaning:

When you are burning ANY Solid fuel appliance, you can build up a substance called soot, or creosote. This substance is often VERY FLAMMABLE as it is the leftover fuel that does not combust when you burn. If soot or creosote burns, you may experience what most people call a chimney fire. Chimney fires can be a very dangerous situation.

Chimney Liners

Did you know chimney liners reduce the chances of having a fire? A chimney liner also helps the environment and increases the comfort of a household. It helps to burn a brighter fire while minimizing loss of heat.